The sanitisers of today are clinical and unrefined.

That’s why we created Your Sanitiser, a delicate balance of moisturizing ingredients and safe, antibacterial chemicals.

Your Sanitiser offers the best of both worlds

Loaded with Vitamin E, aloe vera and more, our formula nourishes your hands with moisture-retaining ingredients. Counteracting the ethanol that dries out your skin, Your Sanitiser offers the best of both worlds: a beautiful moisturiser and a world-class sanitiser.

Your Sanitiser is smooth and easy to apply

Adding carbomer to the mix – an essential polymer to make it more gel-like – Your Sanitiser is smooth and easy to apply. We also avoid the use of isopropanol, a chemical compound universally used in other brands. This alcohol destroys the skin and leaves the sterile “hospital smell” you may be familiar with.

As you’ll no doubt experience, we’ve replaced it with something much more pleasant and luxurious.

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The government enforced travel ban during covid-19, can this last until the end of 2020 ?
Our knowledge of COVID-19 is developing all the time. And, at the moment, we cannot be sure whether infection will give us immunity or if we’ll be able to catch it a second time.