Our Hand Sanitiser Gel

It contains: 75% Ethanol, 21% Deionised Water, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Your Sanitiser eliminates 99.999% of germs in 60 seconds of active exposure on the skin – so take at least 1 minute to actively rub Your Sanitiser between your hands for confident cleanliness. If in doubt, follow surgical standards of 90 seconds of active exposure (Journal of Hospital Infection).

Your Sanitiser’s medically approved blend of decontaminating ingredients features 75% alcohol content, the optimal balance for the destruction of virus cells (National Center for Biotechnology Information).

Yes and it's dermatologically tested. Providing highly effective disinfection with near-total antimicrobial activity and acting as a rich moisturiser, Your Sanitiser can be used as often as you wish with no concern of harming your skin’s natural protective qualities. The ingredient Aloe Vera actively moisturises your skin and Vitamin E helps your skin to keep this moisture.

When storing your hand sanitiser please keep the following things in mind: 

Warning: Flammable! Keep product away from open Flames. Do not store above 43°C. If skin irritation occurs discontinue use. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water. Keep out of reach of children.


Yes we do!

We delivery straight to your door. This means once the products land in the UK we ship it straight away to you. All you have to do is. 


You have the choice between Air Freight or Cargo Ship. Our basic product costs always costs £3 for a 100ml tube. Unfortunately Air Freight is very costly and at those volatile times hard to get the slots booked. Therefore we have charge a little premium for the much faster delivery of the goods of £1 per bottle. 

Air Freight: Total pack £60 incl. VAT excl. final mile delivery

£45 / 15x 100ml Your Sanitiser + £15 Air Freight Premium

Cargo Ship: Total pack £45 incl. VAT excl. final mile delivery

£45 / 15x 100ml Your Sanitiser 

Warning: A lot is closed once the quantity for the shipment is reached. A new lot with a new delivery date will be added. 


While traditional supermarkets and drug stores are rationing their supply to keep their supply chain working we have no such restrictions. You can order as much as you want. We will deliver! 


We are offering Next Day delivery with Hermes or DDP and Standard delivery with Royal Mail. All shipments are tracked. 

DPD Next Day Delivery £7Hermes Next Day Delivery £5Hermes 2 Day Delivery £448h Royal Mail Packet £4

Recommendation: We recommend to pick a delivery company where you made the best experience in your area so far. While we do our best to deliver a smooth customer experience for you, you might know which company provides the best service in your area!


Once you have completed your purchase, your piece of the lot and your delivery of the goods are guaranteed. Now it's up to us to deliver the good as quickly as possible!


We will keep you posted over email and all social channels on the progress of the production and delivery of the goods. 

Unfortunately hand sanitiser is a sanitary product and cannot be returned for hygienic reason. If you do have an issue with one of our products please contact us via email and we will assist you immediately: info@yoursanitiser.com