Tested and Trusted.

We have been given "5 Star" Rating in the clinical dermatological application study on sensitive skin. The specially designed gel formula does not lead to any dermatological relevant skin changes. Your Sanitiser is formulated for sensitive skin in accordance with international guidelines and gives an instant moisture boost - up to 33.5% in 20 minutes! The "excellent" rating has been given by DermaTest, a renowned German skin laboratory over the past 40 years.

Our sanitisers are capable of eliminating 99.999% of all bacteria as proven by MSL Solution Providers, a specialised British laboratory that has rendered us EN1276:2019 certified and tested to provide all-round bacterial protection. The test comprises passing the undiluted hand sanitiser gel through in vitro test. The EN14476:2019 certification by the same laboratory also approves that the sanitiser can effectively fight against 99.99% viruses.

More intense wildfires, stronger hurricanes and typhoons, worsening droughts, animal extinctions and rising sea levels are only a few of the manifestations of our changing world climate.

The government enforced travel ban during covid-19, can this last until the end of 2020 ?
Our knowledge of COVID-19 is developing all the time. And, at the moment, we cannot be sure whether infection will give us immunity or if we’ll be able to catch it a second time.