Effective Ingredients

The sanitisers of today are clinical and unrefined.

That’s why we created Your Sanitiser, a delicate balance of moisturizing ingredients and a high 75% ethanol content – as effective as hospital standard sanitisers.

Loaded with Vitamin E, aloe vera and more, our formula nourishes your hands with moisture-retaining ingredients. Counteracting the ethanol that dries out your skin, Your Sanitiser offers the best of both worlds: a beautiful moisturiser and a world-class sanitiser.

Cruelty Free

We do not test on animals. We never have and we never will. Our beautiful moisturizer is also vegan-friendly, offering complete peace of mind with each daily use.

Adding carbomer to the mix – an essential polymer to make it more gel-like – Your Sanitizer is smooth, non-sticky and easy to apply.

We also avoid the use of isopropanol, a chemical compound universally used in other brands. This alcohol destroys the skin and leaves the sterile “hospital smell” you may be familiar with.

As you’ll no doubt experience, we’ve replaced it with something much more pleasant and luxurious.

How to Use

Use Your Sanitiser your way. Maximise your protection against illness using the following CDC-approved recommendations.

60-sec Sanitation Time: 75% enthonal content cleansers like ours require 60 seconds exposure against the skin to ensure full virus elimination. If in doubt, follow surgical standards of 90 seconds of active exposure.

Often as you like: Use frequently throughout the day to maximise your protection against coronavirus and other infectious disease.

Cover every base: Use a wide range of hand motions when applying to ensure total coverage. Don’t just rub it on your palms – do the hand dance and be confident in your cleanliness. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)