The Concept of

What’s going on?

The rapid onset of coronavirus is creating a global situation of great uncertainty.

With the wide circulation of misinformation, the best we can do is remain calm and focus on the basic hygiene principles we know reduce the spread of infectious disease including coronavirus.

We don’t know what the future holds – but we can help you protect yourself and those around you.

Sanitiser Stock Under Pressure

With new restrictions enforced daily, panic-buying is a real problem with global shortages of food, toilet roll and necessities including hand sanitiser.

With traditional sanitiser brands unable to meet demand and panic-buyers gathering far more than they need, Your Sanitiser is stepping in to reset the balance.

Superb Sanitiser

We’re drawing on our vast manufacturer relations and deep industry knowledge to source and produce unbranded, premium hand sanitiser for the world.

We’re also sending it direct from the factory to your front door, skipping the middle-man so you can avoid the supermarket madness and champion hygiene during these testing times.

We’re solving the sanitiser shortage with Your Sanitiser.

By bundling every order received and combining our buying power to secure production capacity, we’re making hand sanitiser easily available to as many people as possible.

And while certain brands interpret the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to pump up prices and profit from the panic, Your Sanitiser pledges to do the opposite.

Your Sanitiser is putting people first by remaining cost-efficient as we continue to spread sanitation instead of disease.