What food should I stockpile in an emergency?

What food should I stockpile in an emergency? | The best 10 non-perishable foods to stockpile

While it’s vital that we don’t panic during this time, it’s equally important to be organised. As we are trying to lengthen the time between food shops, we’ve put together some suggestions for what to include on your grocery list. Stock your pantry with a couple of each of these essentials and you’ll be set!

Canned vegetables/meat/tuna

While it’s preferable to consume the fresh varieties, a few cans of these in the cupboard are going to provide the essential nutrients your body needs.


Crackers are a great replacement for bread when you’ve run out. Once opened, be sure to keep them in a sealed container to sustain their freshness.

Peanut butter

Packed with healthy fats and protein, peanut butter is a great source of energy that will keep you going before and after those at-home workouts. Careful though to not over eat this, you might be surprise when stepping on a scale.


Think of multivitamins as a booster during this time, helping to supplement the nutrients you may be missing from your normal diet or even from the sun.

Bottled water

While we’re lucky not to require this on a daily basis due to the fresh water running from our taps, it’s always best to be prepared and keep at least a three-day stock on hand in your home.

Protein bars

These bars are going to keep you fuller for longer compared to other snack alternatives. Get a solid dose of energy and top up on your proteins and carbohydrates. Also they are a healthier alternative to sweet snacks less nutritious.

Powdered milk

When fresh milk is no longer an option, it’s always best to have a stash of powdered milk in the cupboard to ensure you keep up your calcium intake.

Energy drinks

To clarify, we’re talking about tea and coffee here – the essentials, of course! We certainly couldn’t get by without our daily source of caffeine!

Sugar, salt, pepper

These fundamental ingredients should be the first things on your list. These staples are going to make sure all those meals you’re cooking are perfectly seasoned.

Nuts & dried fruit

They are a great snack and source of energy. Nuts are packed full of all the good fats, as well as vitamins and minerals. They’re also a great source of fibre.

In a time that feels a little uncertain, let’s keep calm and stay organised. While the above items are essential to maintaining your nutrition, don’t forget about your soap and hand sanitisers while going shopping – by following basic hygiene principles, we can help reduce the spread of infectious disease.