Have You Visited Much of England? Time to Make Local Travel Fun!

In line with government guidelines, lockdown will continue for a while longer. And even when it’s over, we might not be able to venture too far. We’re all itching to travel, so why not turn this restriction into something positive and support our economy by visiting locations within UK borders?

English Flag Travelling

Visit nearby cities you’ve never been to!

It’s totally normal to want to head back to your favourite seaside towns or vibrant cities — you know exactly what's in store for you and exactly where you’re going to eat and drink. But why not plan to visit new places in England when the lockdown is over

We may be a small island, but within these borders, you’ll find bustling cities with lively parks, world-class golf courses and independent shops to check out, from York in the north to Southampton in the south. 

It's a great idea to take a look at what's in the surrounds of nearby cities, too. Maybe you could combine your urban visit with day trips out to nearby forests, rivers or wineries? It’s easy to automatically look internationally when thinking about vacations, but this causes many of us to take for granted what's in our own backyard. So let’s start appreciating the beautiful country we live in and explore England!

Book a guided tour in cities around you

Guided tours are often something we only think of doing when exploring new places abroad, but there are countless incredible tours available right here. Track down one of the iconic, red hop-on, hop-off buses to cover all the hotspots and historical landmarks of an entire city. 

Alternatively, if you’d like something a little more intimate, look up a guided walking tour in England. This usually provides fantastic tidbits and stories of the city that some of the larger tours may not delve into. It's even worth signing up for one in your own city as they're full of facts you won't have heard before! They're usually free as well — just make sure to bring money for a tip if you feel like the guide has done a great job.

Take the next train — where it goes, you go

We dare you. After spending a couple of months in lockdown, you could do with a little spontaneity in your life. The art of not planning has become lost on most of us. While we only have a limited number of holidays, we want to squeeze as much into that time as possible. 

Many of us are guilty of planning everything step-by-step, pouring over TimeOut, Trip Advisor, and reading every single review of local cafés and pubs to make sure that we don’t miss a thing. While this is great at times, it’s also nice to slow down and just take in your surroundings. Stop looking down at Google Maps in search of the next pitstop and take a look around instead. Stumble across a hidden gem by allowing yourself the bliss of getting a little lost. 

So we dare you — when we’re all finally allowed a weekend away, take the next train to...anywhere!

Look up fun and unique activities

Okay, back on the planning wagon. If we’re going to encourage you to get out and see all the places England has to offer, we do understand a bit of research is going to help us find some cracking activities.

Who says a warm, lazy afternoon amongst the vines with a cold glass of vino has to take place on a Tuscan escape? The UK has an incredible array of wineries that may just be a stone's throw away! Book in a cellar tour and finish up the afternoon with a fine drop and a cheeseboard. 

Perhaps instead you are wanting something that combines exercise and a ton of fun. There are loads of trampoline parks dotted all over the place and these are fantastic for all ages. 

There are plenty more unique places to visit and things to do in England curated on Atlas Obscura. Or why not gather your friends and family (on a video call, of course!) and ask for tips on some unusual activities to try out?


While it may still be a little longer, stay positive and start planning some fun after the pandemic. Let’s support our local businesses and travel locally

When it does come time to travel again, make sure you protect yourself against germs and other bacteria by popping a bottle of YourSanitiser in your bag — and don’t forget a spare for the car!