Top 5 apps for learning how to cook and impress your friends!

You’ve seen it suggested in all the “what to do during quarantine” posts all over the web: try out a new recipe. We’ve taken a look at the top five apps that cater for beginners right through to confident home chefs to help you decide which can help satisfy your culinary desires.

1) Side Chef

Side Chef was started by a guy who knew almost nothing about cooking and realised that most recipes expect that you already know how to nail the fundamentals (think as basic as blanching vegetables).

The idea behind the app was to empower eaters worldwide to feel supported in growing their cooking skills and to have their own personal kitchen assistant. Side Chef has a comprehensive filtering system that includes meal planning, grocery delivery, step-by-step photos, directional videos, a timer and smart appliance control.

The app has over 16,000 recipes and is growing daily. Check out one of our favourites here.

2) Kitchen Stories

Winner of Apple’s Design Award, Kitchen Stories has got to be good! The app includes endless tips, recipes and articles for you to browse but also features:

  • Skill tutorials
  • A personnalised cookbook (save your fave recipes)
  • “Cooking Mode” – when activated, provides a step-by-step guide
  • Measurement converter – for alternative metric scales and determining portion size
  • Shopping list generator

The feature we like the most about this one, however, is the international community. You can upload your own recipes to share with other home cooks so that they can recreate your favourite dishes — anything that promotes unity like this gets a tick from us.

3) Project Foodie

The third app on the list is brought to you by Daniel Holzman, co-owner of The Meatball Shop and hailing from NYC. Project Foodies provides you with a series of videos that thoroughly break down recipes and guide you through the process of making a meal.

Daniel loves to celebrate guest chefs, and this month is featuring Camille Becerra, an insanely creative restaurant developer (and all-round BossBabe), with her Healthy Dragon Bowl. Whilst the recipe archive may not be quite as extensive as some of the other apps, this one has oodles of value with its lengthy, celebrity chef collaborations. 

4) Tasty

The Tasty app easily scores the highest rating (4.9) from the most reviewers (31K), so of course, makes the list. Hitting our screens in 2015, Tasty struck while Facebook was still running hot and has had us hooked ever since. 

They were the first to produce short, punchy, overhead instructional cooking videos. Starting as a small series on comfort food via BuzzFeed, they have since grown exponentially. Take ‘8 Desserts in 1 Pan’ for example — this clip has been viewed 157 million times on Facebook alone! 

The brilliance of Tasty is that their engaging videos can encourage even the most nervous chef to have a go.

5) KptnCook

KptnCook was established by a bunch of foodies from varying professions (design, app development, nutrition science, etc.) that shared a love of food. With their individual skills, they formed the perfect ensemble to create a great culinary app. They aim to provide quick and healthy dinner ideas and work on the values of passion, curiosity and bravery.

The app offers 3 new recipes every day and intends to remove the stress out of attempting new recipes and trying obscure ingredients. Each one of the 'Kptn's' has a different flair, which means they've got you covered no matter what you're in the mood for! 


So take your pick or use them all! You'll be a culinary wizard in no time. Most importantly though, cooking only for you or for family and friends, make sure you're following appropriate kitchen hygiene.

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