Top 5 TED Talks About Our Changing World Climate

The fact that the climate is changing and that world is getting warmer is not lost on us.

A lot of people have spoken about climate change already. Climate scientists, world leaders, influencers, global environmental protection agencies, NGOs, TED Talk speakers and even our own teachers have touched upon it.

More intense wildfires, stronger hurricanes and typhoons, worsening droughts, animal extinctions and rising sea levels are only a few of the manifestations of our changing world climate. With all these disasters happening around us, one would think that changes for the better would be happening faster, but they aren't — at least, not fast enough.

In this post, we focus on the top 5 TED talks about our changing world climate to get deeper insights into this urgent issue.

Katharine Hayhoe — “The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it”

In her talk at TEDWomen in November 2018, atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe discusses the need to have dialogues about climate change.

Hayhoe opens her speech with an anecdote about how even fact-based, scientific information can polarise other people when they see everything through the lenses of politics and economics. She then suggests that, since the science is already out there, people start talking about climate change from a shared values perspective that can inspire us to act — that is, how it affects us personally, such as our family, community, interests, country and security.

Check out the full Ted Talk HERE.

David Wallace-Wells — “How we could change the planet's climate future”

Climate change journalist David Wallace-Wells begins his talk by describing himself as someone who has lived his life “complacent and deluded about the threat from global warming.”

He discusses the devastating effects of a warming world on a global scale and how the consequences can become even more catastrophic with the passage of time. Wallace-Wells says that people’s capacity to ruin the planet goes to show how collective human action can produce certain outcomes. Based on this premise, he says our unified efforts to counter the impact of climate change can also be a powerful catalyst for reversing most, if not all, of the ill effects of global warming.

Check out the full Ted Talk HERE.

Greta Thunberg — “The disarming case to act right now on climate change”

Climate activist Greta Thunberg’s talk held in TEDxStockholm in November 2018 begins with her questioning why climate change is not being given the attention it deserves and why there are no laws against the use of fossil fuels.

Thunberg asks why people can just go on with their lives, acting as if everything is normal, when what we need now is change. She says all the facts are out, so many studies have already been published and people and governments have all the information they need to do something. She also says hope can only come if we act now, today.

Check out the entire Ted Talk HERE.

Chad Frischman — “100 solutions to reverse global warming”

Coalition-builder and systems strategist Chad Frischman talks about the term drawdown in relation to global warming. Drawdown refers to the act of reversing global warming by implementing a series of actions or solutions designed to “take out more greenhouse gases than we put into Earth's atmosphere.”

These solutions include not only opting for sustainable energy resources but even changing our food production systems, what we eat and how we consume resources. This multipronged approach also involves the adoption of new business practices that are what he calls “nature restorative and regenerative.”

Check out the Ted Talk HERE.

Per Espen Stoknes — “How to transform apocalypse fatigue into action on global warming”

Norwegian psychologist and politician Per Espen Stoknes begins his speech for TEDGlobal>NYC in September 2017 by comparing two ineffective ways of discussing global warming — that is, through science-speak and doomsday predictions. He then segues to the defences that block communication about climate change: distance, doom, dissonance, denial and cultural identity.

Stoknes offers solutions to pave the way for open and engaged communication by implementing a social approach that people can identify with easily. Also, by showing people that actions designed to reverse climate change are supportive of what we all value, and providing options to contribute to these efforts in simple ways, we can engage others to act collectively for the environment. Lastly, by telling better stories about how real people are making real change happen, we can influence others to act, as well. 

Check our the entire Ted Talk HERE.

Bonus - Down to Earth

Does Netflix and Chill sounds good right now? Well, you should definitely watch the documentary "Down to Earth" with Zac Efron and Darin Olien. They are traveling around the world to find sustainable ways to live. We loved all the 8 episodes and it made us rethink the way we live.

Everything we do counts

The overwhelming message in all of these TED Talks is that everything we do matters and that it matters more for us to do what we can to reverse climate change now, today. 

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