Top 5 Apps For Improving Your Mental Health

The COVID-19 crisis has caused a spike in anxiety and stress, according to charities like Mind, so it’s never been more important to look after your mental health. There are lots of tips out there on increasing your well-being, but downloading these top apps for improving your mental health is the easiest way to make a start.

Enhance Your Happiness With Headspace

The masterminds behind Headspace reckon using it for just 10 days can increase happiness by 16 per cent. At its core, Headspace is a meditation app focusing on helping you reduce stress and get extra focus and more sleep, and it is constantly improved with clinically supported research. It offers courses and meditation sessions that you can stream or download on your tablet, laptop or smartphone.

Headspace has a monthly charge, but you can enjoy the first set of 10 sessions for free.

Embrace Meditation With Calm

If Headspace isn't for you but you'd like to continue giving meditation a go, try Calm. As you might guess from the app’s name, it's designed to get you feeling zen. But there's also way more to it than this — think guided sessions by celebrities like US basketball player Lebron James on how to focus your mind! There are also sleep stories to help you get a good night's snooze.

There’s a free version of the app, but it's worth paying for if you want to unlock the most effective guided meditations.

Find Five Minutes of Peace Every Day With Happily 

If you're finding it hard to juggle life's pressures during the pandemic, Happily is for you. It calls itself the "best guided meditation app for busy people" and has five-minute sessions that you can effortlessly slot into your day. It even includes a range of meditations aimed at women with children — useful if you’re trying to work full-time while also caring for the kids.

Similar to Calm and Headspace, Happily is meant to minimise stress, enhance your focus, lessen anxiety and help you get more sleep. It's free to download and use but, just like the other apps, paying for extras gets you a better service.

Beat Workplace Stress With What'sUp?

Struggling to concentrate on work during the pandemic? You're not alone, and that's where the Whatsup? app comes into play. It allows you to manage and improve your own mental health by accessing info on the support offered by your workplace. It even lets you anonymously get in touch with the HR if you're struggling and need extra help! The mood tracker is fantastic as well, letting you rate how you're feeling throughout the day to see if any specific patterns emerge. That way, you can try to figure out ways to improve your mood.

Chat Through Your Feelings With Wysa

Wysa is aimed at people who struggle to discuss how they're feeling with family and friends. This app allows you to chat anonymously with an AI smart bot that teaches you how to deal with everyday stress. As well as improving your wellness through a form of talking therapy, which has been shown to improve mental health, it's also designed to help you with issues like addiction to smoking. 

You can speak to a qualified mental health professional through text or during live sessions on the app, too, for a flat fee.

Choose from these top wellness apps to help you minimise stress, lower anxiety and sleep better. And once you're on your way to improving your mental health, take care of your hygiene as well by investing in our super affordable hand sanitiser.