Local Holidays – Top 5 Destinations around Cornwall

While the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis does not really allow us any freedom of mobility, much less do any travelling of sorts, it can’t stop us from making holiday plans. And since it’s highly likely that nonessential international travel will be allowed anytime soon, why not make local travel plans this time?

After all, there’s a lot yet of fair England to discover and explore — particularly in the southwest. Cornwall, to be exact.

Known for being the setting of literary classics such as Daphne Du Maurier’s "Frenchman’s Creek," Rosamunde Pilcher’s "The Shell Seekers," and Kenneth Grahame’s "The Wind in the Willows," Cornwall is a charming seaside county southwest of England.

Aside from featuring little hamlets and plenty of beaches, Cornwall has plenty of sights to offer, including the following top five destinations:

Land’s End

Enjoy a few lovely sunsets at Land’s End where you can take relaxing walks by the granite cliffs (just be extra careful). Stop by your chosen spot and sit awhile — who knows, you might be able to spot pods of dolphins and sharks basking in the ocean, apart from the magical sunsets this place is known for.

If you wish to stay in Land’s End for a few days, there are several bed and breakfasts, cottages and a hotel to cater to your accommodation requirements.

Tintagel Castle

If you’re someone who enjoys heritage tours or are fascinated by the history of England, Tintagel Castle will definitely be your cup of tea. Located high along the rugged northern coast of Cornwall, the ruins of this magnificent castlenever fail to inspire awe in those who see it.

Tintagel Castle is inextricably linked to the stories of King Arthur who, according to 12th-century writer Geoffrey of Monmouth’s "History of the Kings of Britain," was conceived in the very same place — with the help of Merlin, of course. Even the tragic romance of Tristram and Iseult (Tristan and Isolde) is partly set in Tintagel.

The castle served as an important stronghold from around 5th and 7th century AD. It is also believed to have housed the old rulers of Cornwall as relics of luxury pottery originating from the Mediterranean have been found here.

Minack Theatre

No visit to Cornwall would be complete without seeing the picturesque and unique Minack theatre.

Located in Porthcurno, which is about 4 miles (6.4 kilometres) away from Land’s End, the open-air Minack theatre is open to visitors all throughout the year. From Easter to September, Minack showcases a full summer season of 20 plays performed by local UK production houses and visiting American companies.

The 88-year-old theatre has served as a dramatic backdrop for several plays, including “The Tempest,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and even magic performances. Minack is also ranked amongst the world's most spectacular theatres.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Part of the massive estate called Heligan House, the gardens would have been lost to the world as the area lay covered in brambles for nearly a century before being restored to their former magical glory. Restoration work took several years in stages, before the 200-acre garden paradise was opened to the public.

Considered one of the country’s premier horticultural gems, The Lost Gardens of Heligan was granted National Collection Holder status by Plant Heritage in 2008. Its rich and unique collection of veteran camellias and ancient rhododendrons are living specimens of the gardens’ colourful horticultural heritage.

Fowey Village

Located in the southern part of Cornwall, Fowey is a small town with a cargo port at the mouth of the River Fowey. Fowey is home to several historic buildings, such as the ruins of St. Catherine's Castle, Fowey Parish Church, Fowey Museum and the Fowey River Gallery.

The quaint little town also has the beautiful Fowey Estuary, and the lovely Esplanade west of the estuary where you can take relaxing strolls as you enjoy scenic views.

If you have more time, other places worth visiting in Cornwall include the Hartland Heritage Coast, St. Ives, Port Isaac and Saint Michael’s Mount.


Even as you contend with the challenge that is COVID-19, it pays to stay optimistic and look forward to all the travelling you can do in the future, starting with Cornwall.

For now, protect your family’s health by observing hygiene protocols and sanitising with Your Sanitiser.