What Were the Benefits of Lockdown?

There's no doubt that we've all been worried about what the future holds following the coronavirus global lockdown. But it's not all doom and gloom — in fact, there are surprising upsides to the quarantine measures. So, now that we're slowly returning to work and going out again, let's reflect on the major benefits of the lockdown that you've perhaps never considered.   

No transport to work

Working from home means you've been skipping the dreaded daily commute. This gives you more time to relax in the mornings and evenings — and maybe even an extra hour or two in bed!

Without the stress of the daily commute, you'll arrive at your desk — whether it's your study or your kitchen table — feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the workday. You're also cutting back on travel costs and reducing your carbon footprint — what's not to love about working from home?

No makeup 

If you've been working from home during the quarantine, there's a good chance you haven't been wearing much makeup — if you've been wearing it at all! According to beauty enthusiasts, a few weeks without makeup is one of the best gifts you can give your skin. Going makeup-free can:

  • Unclog your pores
  • Clear spots
  • Make you less prone to breakouts
  • Improve your overall skin tone and appearance

What's more, you'll start to appreciate how beautiful you are without makeup

There's no need to go back to your old makeup routine if you don't feel like it — this is the perfect time to reevaluate your makeup routine and build a better relationship with your own skin. 

More personal time

With less time spent commuting every day, and so many people furloughed from work, many of us have never had so much free time. On average, we've been spending this time:

  • Reading
  • Learning new skills 
  • Catching up on much-needed sleep 
  • Relaxing without the guilt attached

In other words, we've slowed down and taken some time simply to enjoy life without rushing around. It has been a great time for us to recharge our batteries and reflect on what we want from life when it returns to "normal." 

More delicious, homemade food

Since we've been staying home, we've been cooking more and skipping out on the takeaway meals. 

We've been buying fresh food and focusing on our immune health — diet is just as important in the fight against COVID-19 as washing your hands, after all. Home baking turned into a quarantine staple, with many families learning how to bake delicious cakes and treats. 

If you're enjoying cooking your own delicious food, why go back to the habit of dining out so often or eating takeaways? 

More family time

During the lockdown, we've been socialising nearly 45 minutes longer on average and spending more quality time with our families, according to statistics. This socialising has included:

  • Weekly virtual quiz nights
  • Video chats with shielded relatives 
  • Having fun with our kids 
  • Spending quality time with our partners 

Carving out more time for our loved ones is something we should all prioritise as life returns to normal. There's no reason to let go of those weekly quiz nights just yet!

More time for THAT project you always wanted to start

Whether it's writing a book or tackling a new DIY skill, we've all got that one project that we always talk about but never start. For many of us, the lockdown gave us the perfect opportunity to finally seize the day and make our dreams a reality

Despite all the economic uncertainty, there's really never been a better time to focus on you and your ambitions. And, now that you're in the habit of working on your own passions, don't stop just because the world is returning to normal.

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